This course is designed to assist productions in teaching and laying the groundwork of how to create a COVID-19 Safety Plan. Templates and fillable PDFs are downloadable to get productions well on there way to returning to set as safely as possible.


Also included in your purchase is a review of your productions finished COVID-19 Safety Plan.


  • 1

    Level 3: How to Create a COVID-19 Safety Plan

    • COVID-19 Safety Plan

    • Course Instructor

    • Course Objective

    • How to use this course?

    • What is a COVID-19 Safety Plan

  • 2

    How to develop your COVID-19 Safety Plan

    • How to Develop your COVID-19 Safety Plan

    • COVID-19 Risk Assessment Template

    • COVID-19 Risk Assessment Template Download

    • COVID-19 Health Questionnaire Template

    • Sick Plan Template

    • COVID-19 Safety Plan Template

    • Resources


Approximately 30 mins


Upon completion you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion. This certificate demonstrates that you took the time to better educate yourself in Health & Safety. By doing so you are not only helping yourself but also your fellow crew member's and productions safety.


Please share this course and our Film & Television Health and Safety School with your colleagues and friends so we can all live in a safer world on set together.


Owner & Head Instructor

Meagan Aarts

Meagan Aarts, CRSP, AEMCA,. I'm the proud owner of Project First Aid Services Inc. and The Film & Television Health and Safety School. In 2007 I became a AEMCA Certified Paramedic and soon after started working on construction and movie sets as a Paramedic. My attention shifted towards Health & Safety and I gained the knowledge and experience to qualify, pass and become a Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) in 2014. I have been providing Paramedics to the Film & Television industry for over 12 years now and been working full time in the Health & Safety sector since 2007. Prior to turning my career to Health and Safety I played hockey for the majority of my life in which I received a full athletic scholarship to the University of Maine, played professionally in Switzerland and finished my career playing for the Toronto Furies in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League. A Gold medalist with the Canadian National Women's Inline Hockey Team and a Canadian Ball Hockey Champion. I am excited to start sharing my Health & Safety experience and knowledge with the Performance Industry.