The purpose of this course is to provide the worker with the training and awareness requirements, as outlined in the Section 21 film and television industry health and safety during COVID-19 guidelines.


  • 1

    PART 1: PRODUCTION GUIDANCE (Duration Approx. 30 mins)

    • Course Introduction

    • Course Objectives

    • Course Instructor

    • Workplace Training Requirements

    • Commitment to Protocol

  • 2

    The Occupational Health and Safety Act

    • The Occupational Health and Safety Act

    • The Occupational Health and Safety Act

    • Worker Roles and Responsibilities

    • The Three Rights of Workers

    • Employer Roles and Responsibilities

    • Ministry of Labour Reporting Requirements

    • Workplace Health & Safety Board

    • The Occupational Health and Safety Act Quiz

  • 3

    Workplace Health and Safety

    • Workplace Health and Safety

    • COVID-19 Guidance for Workers

    • COVID-19 Symptoms

    • COVID-19 Treatment

    • MOH COVID-19 Vaccine Information

    • COVID-19 Information Sharing

    • Policies & Procedures

    • Mental Health & Wellbeing

    • Workplace Health and Safety Quiz

  • 4

    Screening for COVID-19

    • Screening for COVID-19

    • Screening for COVID-19

    • Screening Considerations

    • Screening Location Considerations

    • COVID-19 Health Questionnaire Template

    • Record Keeping

    • Screening for COVID-19 Quiz

  • 5

    Sick Plans

    • Sick Plans

    • Sick Plans

    • Sick Plan Template

    • Worker Tracking

    • Sick Plans Quiz

  • 6

    Controlling the Risk of Transmission

    • Controlling The Risk Of Transmission

    • COVID-19 Safety Plan

    • Questions To Consider

    • Control Measures

    • Risk Assessment Template

    • Elimination

    • Engineering - Physical Distancing (Two Metres)

    • Administrative Controls - Personal Hygiene

    • Administrative Controls - Cleaning and Disinfecting

    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    • Visitors/Interacting with External Individuals and Public Spaces

    • Managing Equipment & Supplies

    • Controlling the Risk of Transmission Quiz

    • PART 1 - Production Guidance Print Material

    • Resources

  • 7

    PART 2: PPE, SANITIZING & DISINFECTING (Duration Approx. 15 mins)

    • PPE, Sanitizing & Disinfecting Introduction

    • Introduction Video

    • Objective.pdf

  • 8

    Hand Hygiene

    • Hand Hygiene

    • Hand Hygiene Video

  • 9

    Personal Hygiene

    • Personal Hygiene

    • Hair Tying Video

  • 10

    Hand Sanitizer

    • Hand Sanitizer

    • Hand Sanitizing Video

  • 11

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    • Masks

    • N95 Masks

    • Facial Hairstyles N95 Download

    • N95 Mask Video

    • Non-Medical Masks

    • How To Use a Non Medical Mask Download

    • How to Don and Doff Non-Medical Masks

    • How to Remove and Care for your Non-Medical Masks Video

    • Medical Masks

    • Medical Masks Video

    • Tie Masks Video

    • Eye Protection

    • Eye Protection Video

    • Disinfecting Eye Protection Video

    • Gloves

    • How to Don and Doff Gloves Video

  • 12

    Cleaning & Disinfecting

    • Cleaning and Disinfecting

    • Cleaning and Disinfecting Video

    • PPE, Sanitizing and Disinfecting Quiz

    • Part 2 - Print Materials

  • 13

    PART 3: DEPARTMENT GUIDANCE (Duration Approx. 30 mins)

    • Departmental Considerations

    • Part 3: Curriculum

    • Buyers, Deliveries and Receiving

    • Camera

    • Construction

    • Food

    • Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe

    • Locations/Studios

    • Performers

    • Post Production, Animation & Post Production VFX

    • The Production Office

    • Technicians (General)

    • Transportation

    • Part 3 - Print Materials

  • 14


    • S21 Film Television COVID19 Guidance (June.25.20)

    • S21 Film Television COVID19 Guidance Amendments (Jan.25.21)

  • 15


    • Survey


Approximately 1 hour and 15 mins


Knowledge testing is conducted throughout the course. Test questions are designed to reinforce the information presented and must be completed by each participant. A mark of 80% must be achieved in order to receive a certificate of completion.


Upon completion you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion. This certificate demonstrates that you took the time to better educate yourself in Health & Safety. By doing so you are not only helping yourself but also your fellow crew member's and productions safety.


Please share this course and our Film & Television Health and Safety School with your colleagues and friends so we can all live in a safer world on set together.


Senior Instructor

Lindsay Somers

AEMCA Certified Paramedic, Lindsay Somers has over 20 years experience in the film industry running her two company’s, Ready Set Medic and Intimacy Coordinators Canada. Spending the majority of her career educating & choreographing performers in On camera medical sequences, Lindsay is eager to pivot her focus and assist the film community with their COVID Protocols behind the scenes.

Owner & Head Instructor

Meagan Aarts

Meagan Aarts, CRSP, AEMCA,. I'm the proud owner of Project First Aid Services Inc. and The Film & Television Health and Safety School. In 2007 I became a AEMCA Certified Paramedic and soon after started working on construction and movie sets as a Paramedic. My attention shifted towards Health & Safety and I gained the knowledge and experience to qualify, pass and become a Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) in 2014. I have been providing Paramedics to the Film & Television industry for over 12 years now and been working full time in the Health & Safety sector since 2007. Prior to turning my career to Health and Safety I played hockey for the majority of my life in which I received a full athletic scholarship to the University of Maine, played professionally in Switzerland and finished my career playing for the Toronto Furies in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League. A Gold medalist with the Canadian National Women's Inline Hockey Team and a Canadian Ball Hockey Champion. I am excited to start sharing my Health & Safety experience and knowledge with the Performance Industry.